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    Is your company in need of an Analysis – Contact us! 

    Today, organizations can reflect on whether their IT environment has greater potential than is actually used. You might ask yourself a few questions: does our environment work optimally, what are our prospects, is our environment properly configured, what can be improved, how high is our security, does our applications and databases communicate with each other? We would like to help you with this analysis work; we will conduct a quality inspection of your existing solution. After the analysis you will receive a documentation of the report that you can choose to use as a “second opinion” but also as a strategic plan for future changes in your environment, where we will provide with assistance.

    What type of companies might be in need of an IT-analysis? All organizations that actively work with an IT environment have to review and analyze its business through a quality assurance system to efficient their IT environment.

    Are you facing a virtualization project? How much hardware resources is required for your environment to be able to be work? We perform an IT analysis for you so that you receive the correct information what resources that is required, so that you purchase the right equipment. IT-analysis

    What is included in an IT-analysis from AceIQ?

    • Infrastructure Assessment
      Review and evaluation of your organizations environment to identify possible options for changes and improvement.
    • Application Assessment
      Analysis of the applications used in the existing virtual environment and is locally installed on your clients. This execution AceIQ makes with the support of various tools to gather data to create a report for you on what applications are being used and how the use of the resource consumption looks as of today. The result we will present together with the report from the Infrastructure Assessment, which will make a good foundation for a strategic plan for organization.