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    Make your organization faster with Nvidia Grid!

    Nvidia Grid is a virtualized GPU that delivers a faster, interactive graphical experience for your organization. With Nvidia Grid your organization will be provided a flexible workstation in a virtual desktop where you should be able to work in the same way as in your office if you for example are using CAD programs. With our help your organization will be able to even work in a program from a tablet or a smartphone.

    NVIDIA GRIDNvidia Grid gives the possibility to virtualize a physical GPU and share it between multiple users. With the help of vGPU manager that you install on the hypervisor you will be able to “negotiate” the connection between the virtual machine and the hardware. The graphics card works on every Windows operating system of today.

    With Nvidia Grid you will have the great benefit to provide VDI to all the users regardless of application or workload. For example earlier 3D or very high graphic demanding applications needed almost access to the whole physical GPU. Nvidia Grid gives a higher application performance at the same time as it delivers higher density than any other alternative solution.

    Together with Hypervisor vGPU you will have support to VDI HDX 3D Pro. Regardless if your organization supports architects, engineers, designers, graphics or employees that need access to 3D-data models, we provide you a solution that contains all the benefits with secure remote access without compromising graphical accuracy or user density.

    Your organization can with help of Nvidia assign the optimal amount of graphical performance and deliver a custom-made graphical profile for each and every user. Every virtual desktop has a dedicated graphic memory, just as on the user’s regular desktops. This means that users always has the resources they need to start and execute their applications and programs with full performance.

    Every physical GPU can be shared on up to 16 users. In this way the GPU can be shared on the virtual machines for best performance and graphical utilization for the user in an optimal and balanced way.

    Do you want to know more about how your organization can benefit from Nvidia Grid? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.