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    With Ivanti Security Controls you and your company can simplify the work for the IT and security team. Ivanti has created a unified solution that focuses on the areas that today suffer the most IT attacks. Ivanti Security Controls has combined the tools that experts believe create the strongest protection against modern IT attacks. Discover the allowed and unauthorized software in your environment and take the right steps to protect your business. Take control of the patch management of clients, servers and third-party applications.

    Patch for Windows och Linux

    Ivanti Security Controls is an automated patch solution that not only handles physical or virtual servers but also clients. Windows and Linux operating systems are supported.

    • Patch of virtual servers. Search for clients and servers on the network, identify missing patches and install them. Manage everything from operating systems and applications to virtual servers and even ESXi hypervisors. It’s also possible to manage virtual “images” and always have them updated and available for use.
    • Patch without agent. Agentless technology enables patching of clients and servers connected to the network with minimal impact on the systems and those who manage them. The option with the agent installed enables a demand-controlled management of different systems.
    • Patch your applications. Third-party applications such as Adobe Acrobat Flash and Reader, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Oracle Java are examples of applications and extensions that hackers target most. These can be handled and patched with tested and verified patches.

    ”Whitelisting” and ”Privilege Management” correctly

    Ivanti Security Controls offers a more flexible way to whitelist applications. The method is based on trust models instead of lists. This also allows the end users to do the work they need on their clients without handing over administrative rights.

    • Simplyfy whitelisting. Provide access to applications, services and components without IT having to manage extensive lists manually and without limiting users. Trusted Ownership ™ simplifies the process of whitelisting by utilizing NTFS ownership of a file. Implementing a whitelist and continually adding and updating applications will be easier as the trusted owners are the accounts that perform installations and updates.
    • Take control of the systems. There are many weaknesses that can be exploited by hackers and provide access to user-level resources. Stolen user information with possible administrative rights can provide access to systems in the network with sensitive information. Many companies protect themselves through policies that lock down and restrict access for users, but many also distribute administrative rights on personal systems and devices to enhance the user experience.
      With “Just Enough Administration” and “Just-In-Time Administration”, administrative rights can be withdrawn and users can still be given permission to perform necessary actions such as installing applications and printer drivers or using PowerShell.