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    Imprivata and Citrix has for several years collaborated regarding delivering of fast, effective and secure access to information and data. Many organizations today have today a challenge with their IT-security, that we now can change

    Imprivata has many different solutions for your organizations security, such as:

    • Singel sign on & password management – This product removes the need for typing your username and password at several occasions, which makes your workload more effective. For example Imprivata can make it possible for healthcare professionals to fast and secure gain access to administrative applications, which gives less time with technic and more time for the patient.
    • ImprivataSecure Virtual desktop access – With this product your organization makes the best of roaming computers. This gives your organization a fast and easy access to your virtual Citrix desktops. By replacing repetitive, manual logins with automated processes, Virtual Desktop Access helps your organization to improve your effectivity.
    • Positive patient identification – Imprivata PatientSecure is a positive patient identifications solution that use biometric by carefully identifying patients. This product makes your work more effective by fast access to their individual records. PatientSecure identifies the patient by their palm fast and exactly and automatically collects their record.
    • Secure communication for healthcare – With this product you can replace your pagers and improve your team’s collaboration with secure communication over any mobile device as for example a tablet or workstation. For example in the healthcare, Imprivata Cortex can change the communication between doctors, nurses and associated personnel to a secure communication.
    • Two-factor authentication for remote access – Imprivata confirm ID for remote access is secure and comfortable two-factor authentication solution for all employees that uses remote access. Imprivata Confirm ID for remote access also provides practical authentication methods as for example push-token notification that can be used over workloads. This makes organizations able to put another layer of security that is familiar, fast and effective for the users.

    With Imprivata your organizations security improves significant where you first of all receive access to information and data in a secure way and at the same time it os a cost effective solution for your organization.

    Contact AceIQ for more information about how you can increase your security in your organization with Imprivata.