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    Gemalto SafeNet is an identity and data protection solution that is trusted by the biggest and most respected brands all around the world. SafeNet increases the security for your organization and your users by multifactor-authentication. Gemalto protects for example your organizations data and identities. As world leading in digital security Gemalto guarantees authenticity of for example your organizations banking tasks, protects your patient records and helps your organization to control risks, manage security and maintain compliance.

    Gemalto SafeNet have many different solutions. The solutions are:

    • Multifactor authentication
    • Encryption and Crypto management
    • Cloud data security

    Multifactor authentication is an important function within your organization, by secure access to your organizations network, protecting the user’s identity and to ensure that the user is the one who it says to be. New threats, risks and vulnerability and growing business cases underlines the need of a strong authentication that is based on a simple delivery of services, choices and scalability.

    To protect your organization against advanced threats in a complex and developing environment in for example virtualization and cloud services organizations needs to protect their sensible information. Gemalto with the help of SafeNet provides the only complete portfolio for company encryption that gives a great protection of sensible information. From the physical and virtual data center to the cloud, Gemaltos SafeNet solution helps your organization to keep being protected, compatible and in control. Gemalto SafeNet data encryption makes it possible for your organization to protect sensible information in databases, applications, storage systems, virtualized platforms and cloud environments.

    The cloud and virtualization gives your organization a flexibility and effectiveness to immediately rule out new services and increase your infrastructure. But the lack of physical control can give security problems, as for example deleting of data and data leakage.

    Fortunately Gemaltos tested product SafeNet can give your organization two factor authentication and encryption. Two factor authentication can be done in the way that the user collects a one-time password in an application in their smartphone or that a one-time password will be sent in an SMS to the user’s mobile phone. With this your organization can transform a cloud environment to a reliable and compatible environment by solving the critical challenges your organization may encounter regardless where you store your data.