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    Citrix Virtual Desktops is a product that delivers a full Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution and virtual application. With this product your organizations user will have access to their applications, desktops and data without any restrictions. Your users can run their desktops and applications regardless of operating system on the device they are working from.

    Users can connect to the virtual resources from any network and from almost any device. Citrix Virtual Desktops supports Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS, ChromeOS and pure HTML5 as different client alternatives.

    For your organizations users it is not more difficult to use Citrix Virtual Apps/Virtual Desktops than a regular PC. That is the main thought with Citrix Virtual Desktops, everything shall work just as usual.

    Benefits with Citrix Virtual Desktops:

    • Network needs – broadband in a production environment can be very low, even if the user is using for example CAD applications.
    • Granularity – customization options are huge. If your organization want your users to save files from their VDI-machines to their local hard drive they can do it, if your organization does not want to, then they can’t do it. The same thing applies for example web cameras, USB-sticks, other USB devices, printers and much more.
    • Delivery capacity – With Citrix solutions your organization can for example deliver advanced applications to different parts of your organization, over the whole wide world if you need to.
    • Centralization – Installations of applications is done in one place and everyone that shall be able to use it, will have it visible.
    • Citrix Virtual Desktops is the only solution today that manages both imaging and delivery of both applications and VDI in the same way, by infrastructure.

    Access to Citrix Virtual Desktops can be done in two ways. The first one is that you as a user browse to a specific URL and login with username and password. After that the user sees the VDI-machines and/or applications that every single user has access to execute.

    The second alternative is that a user has Citrix Receiver installed on their unit. Receiver is a software that you install on the user’s PC and the user can open it to log in and start their application or VDI-machines.

    So to use Citrix Virtual Apps/Virtual Desktops for a user is as simple as using a regular PC, but for your organization it is much safer.

    For more information about Citrix Virtual Desktops, contact us.