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    Citrix Virtual Apps is a product that provides desktop sessions and applications to users by Citrix own protocol “HDX”. With Citrix Virtual Apps it is possible to manage applications and resources in a safe way within the datacenter. Users can access applications from anywhere and basically from any devices.

    A Virtual Apps environment consists of a few parts:

    • Multi user
      Several users on the same server. Virtual Apps makes sure that several users can access the same server but still receives an isolated program or desktop.
    • Citrix HDX
      Citrix HDX gives the user the best possible experience to carry out their work.

    HDX optimizes network traffic, graphics and sound. HDX makes it possible for printing, scanning, USB devices from the local computer based on witch device you work from.

    • Client devices
      To access your virtual desktop or application you use Citrix Receiver. Citrix Receiver is available for almost every operating system and devices; Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more.

    Versions of Citrix Virtual Apps:

    Virtual Apps Secure Browser, Virtual Apps Advanced, Virtual Apps Enterprise, Virtual Apps Platinum. To see an actual list of what is included in every version click here.

    Citrix have changed name since the beginning and earlier versions where named WinFrame, MetaFrame, MetaFrame XP, MetaFrame Presentation Server and Presentation Server.XenApp-300x300

    Citrix Cloud: Citrix also have several cloud services, and their Cloud is built on Virtual Apps. The meaning with Citrix Cloud is to decrease the infrastructure services in the local datacenter. Faster installations, easier license models and administration are some of the benefits. Citrix Cloud is also very flexible and you can use it in most all environments  for example public, private, hybrid cloud or your own datacenter.

    Citrix Virtual Apps “Express”: Microsoft has decided stop developing Azure RemoteApp, instead Citrix collaborates with Microsoft to provide the cloud service Citrix Virtual Apps Express in Azure. Virtual Apps will be used as foundation. This means better and easier managing, better user experience and higher security. This service is expected to be completed in the beginning of 2017 (Q1).

    Citrix & Azure: From the 7.11 version of Virtual Apps provisioning of applications and desktop are available in Azure Resource Manager. Azure resource Manager is the “new” portal for Azure and it is where you should create your resources to get access to good functions. Earlier you had to use Azure Classic for provisioning but that is not the case with version 7.11 anymore. This is a huge step because now you are available to configure the entire Citrix environment with Azure Resource Manager. You can also have your Citrix environment In your datacenter but to configure some of the resources in Azure and get a so called hybrid solution.

    For more information regarding Citrix Virtual Apps, contact AceIQ.