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    Citrix Podio is a cloud based service with a web based platform. It is a fantastic tool for today’s organizations for collaboration and communication.

    With Citrix Podio you can communicate, organize and get all your work done in one single place. Citrix Podio gives you the opportunity to share files and divide projects internally and with external parts. If you have to work on the run but still wish access to your projects in Podio there is a possibility to use Podio as an application that is available for both iOS and Android.

    Citrix Podio can function as your organizations social media platform, where you can create different workspaces to share everything you wish with your employees. You can attach files, make status updates with comments. We urge you to use Podio as your organizations primary communication tool.

    You can use Podio as the central tool in your organizations projects both internally and externally.  You collect all relevant information for every single project in one platform. Citrix Podio is a platform that connects your entire organizations work where your users can focus on only their responsibility and can even see an overall status for the whole team.

    Citrix Podio works excellent with several popular file sharing services, products for customer service and marketing services. Products that can interact with Citrix Podio is Podiofor example:

    • ShareFile
    • GoToMeeting
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive
    • Microsoft Exchange

    Podio have many different functions that makes your organizations work easier. Some functions are:

    • File sharing
    • Task management
    • Mobile applications
    • Workspace – Connects people to organize the work. The membership in a workspace is not restricted to an organization.

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