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    Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN enables a better user experience for you that might be traveling but also for you working at your local office. The user experience stands in focus and you will receive the same experience as if you were stationed at your head office. NetScaler SD-WAN gives you the opportunity to combine the different technologies, SD-Wan, WAN optimizing and routing and managing application in one single solution. NetScaler SD-WAN is a scalable and reliable solution that is also prepared for your challenges in the cloud.

    NetScaler SD-WAN is the only SD-WAN solution that combines routing and WAN optimizing, proactive application managing and QoS all the way. This unique combination delivers a better user experience, by optimizing cloud, organization and virtual desktop virtualization, for the local offices compared to other suppliers. It also reduces costs and the complexity for the local office network.
    NetScaler SD-WAN gives you the possibility to see how your applications are being optimized.

    connectors-1243001-1600x1200-300x225IT IS ONLY NETSCALER SD-WAN THAT:

    • Reacts on network disruption on a millisecond, it reduses disruption for your users that a network issue could have caused.
    • Counts the best way for every session based on the requirements of the application and the network availability.
    • Links the WAN connections together to give the best broadband.
    • Supports BGP and OSPF routing to facilitate implementation.
    • Optimizes HDX traffic on source code and delivers the best possible XenApp and XenDesktop experience for the user.

    NetScaler SD-WAN gives your organization a complete solution when moving to a “software-defined WAN”. NetScaler SD-WAN comes in different designs and is available as both virtual server and a traditional hardware.

    NetScaler SD-WAN Enterprise interact SD-WAN technology, WAN optimizing and security in one platform.

    NetSCaler SD-WAN makes it easier to grow for further needs, some news are:

    • Up to 3GB/s with the new NetScaler SD-WAN 5100 platform
    • Possibility to steer traffic utilization on “more expensive” links, as radio, 4G net.
    • An advanced security model based on IPsec to protect against for example “man-in-the-middle” attacks.

    Contact AceIQ for further information regarding Citrix NetScaler SD-WAN within your organization.