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    Citrix NetScaler is an industry leading Delivery Controller for managing of web and applications. It maximizes performance and availability for all data at the same time as it provides safe remote access to any application regardless which unit you use.

    citrix-cloud-platform-master-class-20-638Organizations today treat more requirements than ever from around the world; everything from cloud based services, to 24/7 availability and increased threats from cyberattacks. Citrix NetScaler ADC helps you to handle these requirements. It delivers your applications, to any unit regardless of location, with unmatched security, superior load balancing, and 100 percent uptime. The fact is that NetScaler ADC can achieve five times higher performance than its closest competitor.


    NetScaler ADC is available in four different versions:

    • VPX – a software based virtual appliance that you can install in an optional hypervisor (XenServer, Vmware or Hyper-V). Performance: 10Mbps – 100 Gbps.

    Area of usage:
    – Private and public cloud services
    – For small/medium sized companies
    – Use for test environments

    • MPX – a physical hardware that unlike the VPX has dedicated SSL-chip that manages encryption/decryption. Performance: 500 Mbps – 160 Gbps

    Area of usage:
    – Manage web applications with several GB in traffic
    – Load balancing for medium sized/ big organizations
    – Extreme performance for web security

    • SDX – a hybrid between MPX and VPX. Same physical hardware as MPX but here with advanced virtualization to consolidate up to 115 independent VPX instances. Performance: up to 160 Gbps.

    Area of usage:
    -Consolidation of datacenter
    -Provides “multi-tenancy”

    • CPX – a lightweight version of Citrix NetScaler. Load balancer that builds on “docker container”- technic and is mainly addressed to suppliers of cloud based services. Figure using for communication between applications and datacenter in your own organization.

    Area of usage:
    – Container based applications
    – Migrate to a micro services architecture
    – Provides developers load balancing in an early stage under application development

    Do you want to know more about how Citrix NetScaler ADC can help your organization? Contact AceIQ.