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    Citrix Hypervisor is the leading virtualization platform that is optimized for application, desktop and server virtualization infrastructure. Consolidation and control of workloads gives organizations of any size the possibility to change their IT infrastructure.

    Citrix XenServerCitrix Hypervisor is an extensive server virtualization platform with built-in “Enterprise class” functions to easy be able to manage different types of workloads, different operating systems and storage or network configurations. For the most demanding applications and desktops, Citrix Hypervisor is branch leading with scalability and performance during work loading. In other words it can manage the largest Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop environments. With Hypervisor your organization gets the unique functions of Citrix Hypervisor like improved virtualization graphics with Nvidia and improved safety for workloads that together will reduce your organizations virtual infrastructures costs and complexity.

    Citrix Hypervisor makes it possible to strengthen and keep a high number of data servers. This extends the total use of your organizations existing hardware resources at the same time as you reduce your organizations cost for the “ownership” of your infrastructure. Your organization can maximize the effectivity in your infrastructure, eliminate planned disruption and minimize unplanned disruption. Citrix Hypervisor also gives you a considerable performance and capacity win in for example CPU cores and RAM memory.

    Citrix Hypervisor 7 is today the most leading hypervisor on the market with support for high performance and improved 3D-grapich. Citrix Hypervisor supports Nvidia Grid vGPU and is also the only one that supports Intels virtual GPUs, GVT-g that gives an improved graphic workload. With Citrix Hypervisor 7 that is leading in 3D-graphic the hypervisors security is extended with the new unique Direct Inspect API with better support for Microsoft Windows environments. This gives big benefits when you use Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops.

    Citrix Hypervisor also brings:

    • Hypervisor Health Check – gives proactive, regular and atomized health checks and reports.
    • Hypervisor Conversion Manager – now supports batch conversion of every version of Windows and simplifies the migration from VMware.
    • Also gives the possibility to CIFS share as data store.

    And finally Citrix Hypervisor 7 gives you significant scalability improvements such as:

    • 5 times increase in support for host RAM (up to 5TB)
    • Double support for CPU-cores (up to 288)
    • 8 times increase in VM RAM (up to 1.5TB)

    How Citrix Hypervisor can change your organization, please contact AceIQ and we will let you know how!