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    Citrix GoTo is a product family from Citrix that makes it possible for your organization to interact with your colleagues and/or other companies. With Citrix GoTo you get the possibility to virtual keep meetings, create seminaries and training. Citrix GoTo consists of GoToMeeting, GoToAssist, GoToMyPC, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining.

    Join AceIQ for our meetings with GoToMeetingGoToMeeting – With GoToMeeting you can connect to anyone from anywhere on any for you, suitable device. With GoToMeeting your organization gets unlimited video meetings, a clean user interface and clear communication. It will simply improve your organizations productivity. You can have meetings as often as you want, which reduces your organizations travel expenses. Get your own personal meeting room with an own web address.

    GoToAssist – GoToAssist gives you a first class support that you can trust. Two way-screen sharing, which means that you can share screen and give control for both mouse and keyboard for best support. Transfer files safe in a support session. This is just a piece of what GoToAssist can do for your organization.

    GoToMyPC – With GoToMyPC your users have the freedom to work on their MAC or PC wherever the user is located. Get access to your files, network, e-mail or program – even those that the endpoint does not support. Be productive when you travel or simply avoid to go to the office if you don’t need it.

    GoToWebinar – Gives your organization the possibility to present for anyone and participate from anywhere. Why not transform a presentation to a conversation and a conversation to a sale? You can also record your webinar and publish it anywhere to improve your brand and reach out to even more people. GoToWebinar is an excellent tool for sharing meaningful content.

    GoToTraining – This tool is the right one for virtual or mixed learning. Keep your participants dedicated with collaboration during the session, give them a detailed analyze. The participants have the option to see videos and work together with documents, share material, notes and much more. This tool is perfect for learning and the participants are participating from different places.

    GoTo family is a fantastic complement for your organization that can be used in many different ways, contact AceIQ for more information regarding how to get started with GoTo.