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    Make your organization mobile with Citrix Endpoint Management

    Citrix Endpoint Management a product that can increase the user experience and produce the fastest way to productivity for your mobile users. AceIQ can help you with this by combining MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) functionality to what today is called EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management).

    At AceIQ we deliver XenMobile for your organizationCitrix Endpoint Management delivers a rich user experience for your organization by Endpoint Management applications, mobile applications from Citrix with high security with the users in focus. For the end user you create a Endpoint Management captive space for applications that are developed and/or customized for your organization, both public applications from App Store or Google Play. In this way you can create a “one-stop-shopping” – scenario for your users where the mobile applications used in the organization are stored in one place.

    Endpoint Management applications are Citrix own developed applications with functions to allow or restrict different functions in the application as for example the camera, possibility to copy data and so on. Every application can also be configured for encryption of data connections to for example an Exchange server via microVPN.

    Citrix Endpoint Management applications consists of:

    • Secure Mail – that delivers a safe mail managing with mail, calendar and contacts stored in the same application, extensive integration against for example ShareFile and GoToMeeting.
    • Secure Web – Web browser with the possibility to steer all traffic by the organizations firewall, in this way we also get a secure method to publish for example intranet in mobile devices. Secure Web also gives administrators possibility to centrally publish favorites to users.
    • ShareFile – Integrate ShareFile with Endpoint Management and benefit of SSO-log in for a user friendly and secure file sharing (EFSS) for your users. With ShareFile you will get access to cloud storage but also local data resources as other storage services.
    • ScanDirect – With this application you will have a tool for fast and easy scanning of photo, documents and receipts and etc. that you later can send by e-mail or upload to a users ShareFile account.
    • SecureForms – With this application it is easy to create forms for many different applications. SecureForms can be used for example to rapport deviation in production: by a form for example photos, text, telephone numbers, bar-codes and so on. The rapport can be sent by e-mail, ShareFile or connected to a web service to manage the result that can be in the format of pdf, csv and xml.

    By taking a whole concept over devices, mobile applications and organization data we have an opportunity to increase productivity and flexibility regarding when, where and how we work. When you look at it from a larger perspective and focus on your users instead of hardware you will win great benefits when it comes to mobile working. By giving the mobile users access to the same tool as the users have at their workplace you will have a greater user experience at the same time as data and applications have been secured by a central managing and distribution.

    For more information about Citrix Endpoint Management, please contact us.