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    Two-factor authentication

    To protect yourself with some form of two-factor authentication, it is more or less obvious today. We are used to using it in remote access to our systems. In the past, so-called s.k. hard tokens, while today we are increasingly switching to soft tokens and SMS. There are also several other variants that may be relevant to use in an organization. Often SMS works very well, but sometimes complements are needed, for example. when traveling by air, or traveling to countries with SMS delay. It can also be so simple that you do not have mobile coverage for your phone. Built into Alified OTP there are a variety of different authentication mechanisms, making the solution one of the most flexible two-factor solutions on the market.


    • Virtual appliance for VMware, XenServer or Hyper-V (also in Azure).
    • Administration via Web GUI.
    • Support for real-time clusters (active / active)
    • Support for PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAPv1, MS-CHAPv2
    • Authentication methods that are supported:
    • SMS
    • Email
    • Google Authenticator ™
    • Microsoft® Authenticator • Grid (“bingo chip”)
    • BankID (requires separate agreement)
    • Hardware token (TOTP, HOTP)
    • Software token (TOTP, HOTP)
    • RADIUS to LDAP proxy
    • SMTP mail
    • Low resource utilization, <500MB RAM, 20GB disk per node.
    • Load balancing and / or failover of SMS providers.
    • Real-time log and historical log, searchable.
    • Graphs of successful and failed logins.
    • Ability to automatically provision users for SMS, Google Authenticator and BankID.
    • Enrollment information for Google Authenticator via mail or manual entry. (SMS in upcoming release).
    • Support for various prompts per RADIUS client.
    • Support for auth. via RADIUS or RADIUS + LDAP only.
    • Ability to select LDAP attributes for SMS and Social Security numbers for BankID.
    • Configurable “look ahead” for HOTP tokens.
    • TLS support for connection to SMTP servers.
    • Ability to configure “monitoring” account that does not require OTP.
    • Upgrade via web GUI.
    • Admin access via LDAP.
    • Back up settings via Web GUI.

    Alified OTP is available both as a service and On-Prem solution.

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