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    XenMobile offers a holistic solution that enables the management of all mobile devices regardless of provider, and at the same time offers secure mobile access to company information. It’s the fastest way to increase productivity among your mobile users while keeps costs at a minimum. XenMobile comes with several apps to provide a complete user experience, for example: WorxMail which is used for secure email, calendar and access to contacts; WorxWeb, for secure Internet surfing and ShareFile for synchronizing your company data.

    XenDesktop provides access to your Windows Desktop and your applications, wherever you are. XenDesktop can deliver some of the most awesome applications; CAD programs, X-rays and videos can today be virtualized with this type of solution. XenDesktop offers a flexible workplace for everyone.

    NetScaler is an advanced scalable platform with solutions to publish and protect information on the Internet and in your internal networks. The NetScaler is fully equipped with functions to balance information loads, SSLVPN, DDos and it can also protect web-based applications that lack a proprietary security system.

    XenServer is a stable, high-performance solution for server virtualization and VDI solutions. XenServer offers a freely accessible virtualization platform, which contains all the functions required to create and manage virtual infrastructures. It combines valuable functions in the console, which provides high performance, reliable and scalable hypervisors.

    CloudBridge is an advanced WAN accelerator that optimizes all or part of your selected traffic between two or more offices, but also externally towards chosen clients. CloudBridge is available as a virtual appliance to extreme high performance hardware.

    XenApp provides efficient, secure, virtual access to applications for those in or outside the company. The applications are delivered efficiently without synchronization and with minimal lead times. XenApp enables secure user access to your applications from both public and private entities.

    GoTo is a product family from Citrix, which enables the smooth interaction between colleges and companies. With GoTo, you will be able to hold virtual meetings, create seminars and training courses. The GoTo product family consists of GoTo Meeting, GoTo Assist, GoTo My PC, GoTo Webinar and GoTo Training.

    ShareFile is a solution, which enables you to share files in a smooth, professional and secure way. ShareFile is a component, which allows you to work mobile and problem free, since you are not confined to a specific computer. It can also be used internally as well as externally. You decide on the rights for the files, and whether they should be editable or readable files.

    Podio is a social collaboration tool, which offers the key functions you need to manage and share information in projects. What is unique about Podio is that you as a company can adapt the tool to your own requirements, instead of adapting your company to the tool. Podio is a cloud-based product, which is also available as an IOS or Android app.

    AppSense is the leading provider of user virtualization technology to enterprise organizations. User virtualization is a way of managing user-specific information independent of the desktop, and applying this information into any desktop (local install, virtualized, published, streamed etc) on-demand.

    Imprivata provides you with a Single Sign On- solution that solves your problems of managing passwords in your organization in a secure and efficient way. The solution promises a password security that enables that users no longer have to remember multiple passwords. This makes the work easier for the IT departments so they can easily authenticate users and assign them the powers they need. They have something for you all; SmartCards, ProxCards or why not try a fingerprint reader?

    NVIDIA GRID™ is a virtualized GPU that delivers fast, interactive graphics experience for your organization. Nvidia gives you a flexible workstation in a virtual desktop – you should be able to work in the same way as you do in your office; You can even work in your CAD program from a tablet or a smartphone.

    Try the testversion of Nvidia Grid! 

    SafeNet enhances the security for your organization and for your users, through multi-factor authentication. Together we secure access to your network, your user identities are protected and including verification of your users will be done. Multi-factor logon is based on several different factors that together increase your organizations safety.