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    Working from home in the current situation?


    AceIQ and our employees take great responsibility as a result of the recent development of the Corona virus (Covid-19) and its spread. Technology from our friends at Citrix and Ivanti has never been as relevant as it was in those times when the need for distance and to work from home is the greatest.

    Our job and responsibility – We enable companies and organizations to continue to operate without sacrificing access to PC desktops, applications or quality for remote users.

    The current challenge that businesses experience is primarily about access. Users need access to a complete workspace with the flora of new, and above all, old applications that have not sprung from modern times, to carry out their work. Old ways of thinking and tactical solutions are limited and many experience problems with bandwidth and capacity.

    Let us guide you on how you can maintain productivity and profitability through smart solutions that utilize minimal bandwidth and provide users with the same experience remotely as in the physical office.

    Big thanks to Thule Group, Xylem Water Solutions and Carnegie for your confidence in the current situation!