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    Take control of your applications by using Citrix AppDNA


    Why Citrix AppDNA?

    If your organization have Platinum licenses for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop then Citrix AppDNA is included without any extra fee. Take the opportunity to use this forgotten but powerful product to gain control over your applications. If you don´t have Platinum licenses for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop please contact AceIQ and we will help you with an AppDNA analysis.

    Migration projects

    There are several factors that contributes to a successful migration project and in most cases the success factor on how well the applications function in your new environment. If you have a number of applications within you organization, it might be very time consuming to test them all in your new platform. For this to be time consuming it might mean that you organization won´t take the step to migrate to the next OS version and will keep on working with old upgrades, unsupported programs and older OS. When you make the decision to change version, you might face major challenges.

    How can your organization benefit from Citrix AppDNA?

    • It analyzes applications in your old environment and give recommendations for measures for your applications to work in your new environment (if possible).
    • It analyzes vulnerability in your applications that might be good to make changes in. AppDNA shows what is vulnerable within your applications and give recommendations for you to secure your applications. This is extra important within internally developed applications.
    • It shows if your files are overwritten by a previously installed program.
    • Analyzes websites to see if they can work with newer versions of browsers.
    • Analyzes if the application can be run virtually.
    • Checking patches that is released from Microsoft to see which of your applications that might be affected.
    • Analyzes how much performance that is required by the application.

    When to use AppDNA?

    Citrix AppDNA is not only for Citrix products, but can be very helpful when migrating from e.g. Windows 7 to Windows 10.

    Desktop Migrations:




    Server Migrations:




    Test of different browsers:






    Citrix Upgrades:

    To Citrix solutions, AppDNA is a great tool and it is now also possible to add it to the Citrix Studio. You can use AppDNA from Citrix Presentation Server 3.0 or XenDesktop 2.0 to test compatibility and to make suggestions on the best way to upgrade.

    Gain total control

    Citrix AppDNA is a great tool with many functions. For you I have mainly presented the benefits by using Citrix AppDNA when migrating. My recommendations is to always have AppDNA installed and not only using the program with large migration projects. You will then have the possibility to have full control on Windows updates and program updates before testing them.

    Don´t wait! Make your AppDNA analysis today to save time and money!

    Daniel Eriksson, Systems Engineer.