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    Part 2. Citrix NetScaler – The Only ADC You Need


    connectors-1243001-1600x12006 reasons why you need a Citrix NetScaler

    Proceeding my last blog post which explained what an ADC is I’d now like to present some of the features that the Citrix NetScaler brings to the table. More specifically, six great features that I believe many of you would benefit from. I will not be deep diving into the specifics of each feature in this blog post, but keep on reading our blog and in time I will tell you more!

    • Load Balancing

    One of the most commonly used features of the Citrix NetScaler and one which most companies could greatly benefit from. By distributing incoming traffic over multiple servers sharing the same application or service we can prevent single point of failure and at the same time increase overall performance and availability.

    • Monitoring

    Commonly used in conjunction with the above mentioned load balancing feature. With monitors Citrix NetScaler is able to test the functionality of a specific service, such as DNS, to see if name lookups work as intended. The built-in monitors covers the most common protocols but you also have the option to build your own scripts.

    • NetScaler Gateway

    Also a very common feature of the Citrix NetScaler. By using certificates and strong encryption the NetScaler Gateway offers a safe connection to your XenApp and XenDesktop environments externally.

    • Front End Optimization

    With Front End Optimization the Citrix NetScaler is able to, through several smart techniques, greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to load and render a web page. A very hot topic in these days of mobile devices with limited data plans and less reliable 3G-connections.

    • Single Sign On

    Ever got tired of constantly logging on to all your different applications at work? With the Citrix NetScaler offering single sign on, we are allowed access to all our applications with a single login.

    • Multifactor Authentication

    A common way to increase security at login is to enable login in several stages, so called multifactor authentication. With the Citrix NetScaler we have plenty of options to use. It may be based upon AD group membership, certificates, SAML, SMS tokens or a combination of several. Did someone mention flexibility?

    All of this are things we at AceIQ are working with and we do it well. Are you interested and wish to find out more about any of these features or something I haven’t yet covered you are welcome to contact us at AceIQ and we will help you!

    Mika Sarberg, Systems Engineer AceIQ AB