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    Have you considered how long your business can manage without its digital systems?


    RTO and RPO within your organization




    Many companies today have a great dependence on, or are totally dependent on their digital systems and their digitally stored information. But how many have asked the question – What if all our IT services become inaccessible?

    Most people have a traditional backup solution where they back up important information and systems, but is this really enough? Often, restoring a system or a large amount of data can take a very long time and cause several days of work to be lost.

    Business leaders should ask themselves these questions today:

    • How long does business manage without its systems?
    • How much data loss can the business endure?

    Once these questions have been answered, you have established RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective). With the help of RTO and RPO you can create a plan for how the business IT services should be built and managed to cope with a disaster scenario.

    Low values ​​of RTO and RPO (0-4 hours) mean that the business can only handle short breaks or no breaks at all. This requires a complex solution where the infrastructure is split into two physical locations with short distances and constant replication of data between them. Systems used to access the information span two geographically separated server rooms.

    High values ​​of RTO and RPO (> 4 hours) indicate two outcomes; either the business needs a “Disaster recovery site” where systems can be started up manually, in a disaster scenario at your data center, or your business can only manage with traditional backup. Important to consider in these cases is to always replicate Backup data to another geographic location.

    Together with Citrix solutions, we can create a reliable solution with high accessibility to applications and information for your organization, with products such as:

    Citrix ADC enables high availability and load balancing across multiple sites. If we provide services from a primary data center and a secondary data center, Citrix ADC can automatically direct the user to the secondary when the primary is unavailable. NetScaler also gives you access to your Virtual Apps and Desktop environment in the current data center.

    Citrix SD-WAN can accelerate traffic and optimize between regions when, for example, replicating data. Citrix SD-WAN helps us connect multiple data centers or public and private clouds.

    AceIQ together with Citrix can help with the design of your particular solution, contact us today!