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    Citrix Summit 2017 Anaheim


    Day 1 – Vision Citrix Summit KeyNote

    We have received our Citrix Specialist seats with a full overview over the stage. Finally it is starting for real. Håkan Andersson, Max Lindqvist, Josef Malmborg, Mika Sarberg and Jonas Henriksson, we are the guys representing the AceIQ crew here in Anaheim.


    We started a little bit earlier, on Saturday with Citrix PTEC that continued to Sunday, where AceIQ this time is the only participant from Sweden. On Sunday we also had some LAB sessions in areas like NetScaler/StoreFront, Citrix Cloud and XenApp Express in Azure. It will be a lot of talks about the cloud, that’s for sure.

    The band Recycled Percussion starts with playing “Don’t stop beliving”, “Thriller” and some other wonderful classic songs. Why not drum loose on a pair of stepladders?

    What a start! Amazing!

    Carlos Sartorius, Executive Vice President Worldwide Sales and Services on Citrix, thanks the band for the entertainment and all the people who came to Summit 2017. He thanks all the employees in Citrix and all the partners for a fantastic 2016. This year over 4000 people are visiting Citrix Summit. We take a look back on 2016 with a video that presents how many wins Citrix made over for example VMware and F5. A clear vision and strategy is building under 2016. Citrix achieved great success when it comes to new customers and moving customers to the cloud.

    Kirill Tatarinov, President & CEO, makes his first Summit and reflects back on Summit 2016 when Winning Together was presented as a catchword. We win as a team! Kirill presents a smoking hot and fresh “Innovation partnership” with Redbull racingteam. A powerful movie about Formel 1 racing is shown to the audience cheering’s! Engineers at Redbull Racingteam uses XenDesktop for CAD and design. In the background there is of course NetScaler and 600 XenServers that delivers virtual desktops to the users.

    Citrix strategy









    Citrix strategy for 2017 comprises four focus areas, Cloud, Mobility, Big Data Analysis and Internet of Things. Now we receive some news for the coming year. Under the title Applications XenServer LTSR, HDX Innovations and “Layering with Unidesk” is presented. Citrix makes a new acquisition of Unidesk that is being welcomed to the Citrix family! Under Networking “Gateway as a service”, “Cloud Native VPX” and SD-WAN in Azure with “Zero touch deployment” is presented. In cloud the XenApp and XenDesktop Essentials will come, XenMobile Essentials for EMS, “MAS Hybrid Cloud Management as a service” in Citrix Cloud and “NetScaler as a service” with InTune integration.

    The collaboration with Microsoft is being extended and Scott Guthrie from Microsoft gets on stage. “Skype for business with HDX Ready Pi”, “Virtualized OneDrive for Business”, XenMobile integration with InTune is another thing that shows on a successful collaboration.

    Win with Microsoft and winning together is recurring quotes under 2017 first KeyNote and it is no doubt about where Microsoft and Citrix are focusing on in the future. All development will be made in the cloud first.

    Tomorrow we take part of Tech Talk Keynote. Come back and we will share the information with you from the coming sessions.