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    AceIQ turns 2 year this November!



    AceIQ was registered in November 2010. From the start there were only two people, Håkan Andersson and Max Lindqvist in the company but now the company has grown to seven people. The first accounts showed a turnover of 10.7 million SEK with an operating profit of 1 million SEK. So we can say that we are pleased with the start and we aim to grow even more, by creating and develop various services within the company; pocket office and our industrial solutions. In December we are moving to larger facilities at Krinova Science Park, because the company is growing, this is a great problem to solve; a good sign that the company keeps on developing.

    Our customers are those that form the basis of our success and they are now a few; some of our customers that we work with are SNA Europe, Lyckeby Culinar, Port of Helsingborg, 3, County council of Blekinge, several county insurance etc.

    “At AceIQ we see optimistic about the future and predict a very positive growth, this because the companies need more expertise in the future, something that we offer. We and our customers are winners, our customers’ success leads to our success.” Says Håkan Andersson CEO, AceIQ.

    The 20th of November we organize Citrix day at Krinova in Kristianstad. It is a day where we will present AceIQ and our largest partner in more detail. At the seminar, you will also get to hear some of our customers present the solutions that we have created together. A day, when we focus extra on your business but also gives you the opportunity to get a deeper glimpse at how we work.

    “Our commitment to cooperate very closely with our suppliers and to focus on the benefits and value for our customers, is paying off.” Says Max Lindqvist Solutions Architect, AceIQ.

    The Citrix day is a perfect day for us to organize when we celebrate our second year running, because we have now established our companies’ pillars that we can keep on building on. We hope that you can join us for the seminar, and that you will follow us and our customer in a continued joint success.


    Eva- Katrine Persson
    Marketing Assistant