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    Citrix Synergy is canceled for 2020. Citrix instead organizes virtual events which covers different areas within Citrix.

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    Citrix Synergy 2020 in Orlando

    AceIQ has organized group trips together with our customers to Citrix Synergy in the USA for several years. This year’s trip will be one of the most exciting ever, with interesting meetings and activities. A highly-developed journey for you and your organization!

    Why should you join Citrix

    Synergy Citrix Synergy is a strategic conference, which is good for you who want to contribute to the development of your business. The conference will be an investment for both the business and you as a person. The conference offers something for everyone, regardless of the role of the company.

    For those who want to immerse themselves in business and business benefits, there are several tracks to choose from, as well as for those who want to immerse yourself in the technical, for example. Tech Labs and many other technical seminars.

    Of course, a lot is about the entire move to Cloud and hybrid environments, but now it is also about a lot of completely revolutionary smart features in Citrix Workspace, which will enable organizations and employees to streamline and increase productivity in a whole new way. the business with several percent

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