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    Citrix Summit Series

    October 2020

    The Citrix Summit Series is virtual and open to anyone!
    Instead of this year’s Citrix Synergy, you now have the opportunity to participate in the Citrix Summit Series, which is completely virtual. The event is divided into three different occasions and it is of course free!

    The three events cover the following areas:

    Citrix Cloud – 8th of October

    First out is the Citrix Cloud Summit on October 8th. The journey to the cloud may not be straightforward, but here we try to go through the journey as well as what it means to actually work in and away from the cloud. It’s both about how you simplify and accelerate your hybrid or multicloud migration and to be prepared for future challenges.
    Hang on!

    Register here for Citrix Cloud Summit on 8th of October!


    Citrix Workspace – 22nd of October

    The second part of this year’s Citrix Summit Series takes place on October 22nd and deals with the subject Citrix Workspace. Working from home is everyday for many of us. It is very important that users have access to the right tools to reach their full potential. A business can be made much more efficient and the workplace even more attractive, which is important in today’s battle for skills. To really seriously create mobility and enable employees to perform numerous tasks, which today require a desktop, instead use a mobile phone or tablet, will be able to radically change how we work.

    Register here for Citrix Workspace Summit on 22nd of October!


    Citrix Security – 29th of October

    The third and final part of this year’s Citrix Summit Series deals with the subject of Citrix Security.
    When people work anywhere, you know that safety can also be a challenge. You need a smart way to handle security challenges, both agile, flexible and long-term. Learn how a framework based on real “Zero Trust” methodology, can protect both apps, data and identities in the cloud as well as on-prem.

    Register here for Citrix Security Summit on 29th of October!


    Read more about Citrix Summit Series here!


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