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    AceIQ was founded in 2010 by Håkan Andersson and Max Lindqvist, who had previously worked together at well known IT companies. The team at AceIQ has solid experience in specialist areas such as virtualization, clients, and servers as well as business development.

    At AceIQ we focus on our customers’ business needs and challenges. We then develop solutions that focus on the user. We have 18 years of experience in the industry, working with Citrix products, and so we can guarantee better results and a more efficient working environment.

    AceIQ continues to grow steadily, creating new possibilities in different areas. We take on all challenges that comes our way, by working together with highly skilled specialists.

    We are a company that makes conscious decisions to do our part in protecting the environment. We believe it is important that we all do everything we can to help create a new sustainable society.

    AceIQ is represented in 5 areas of Sweden, with headquarters in Kristianstad, Skåne.