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    With focus on our customer’s operations

    Håkan and Max had both worked as consultants for large companies before, but together they realized that they thought bigger than the solutions that existed. When they saw the opportunities in Citrix’s platform, combined with their competence and ambitions, AceIQ was created.

    Early on, Crister Stjernfelt and Thord Wilkne, the founders of WM-data, were recruited to the company’s board of directors. With high ambitions and hard work, AceIQ became the first certified Citrix specialist in the Nordic region.

    Since 2010, when it all began, AceIQ has continued to take the IT industry to new heights. With several employees over different locations throughout the country, with self-designed headquarters in Kristianstad and customers all over the world.

    Now, as a recognized IT company and one of the Nordic region’s few Citrix Platinum Partners, we at AceIQ want to continue to create new opportunities. We continue to earn our reputation as a strong and reliable partner for profitable and efficient IT systems. All thanks to the opportunities in the Citrix platform, and that two people thought bigger than the solutions that existed.

    What is your vision for your IT environments? Contact us and we will make it a profitable reality!